Design and Fabrication Services

Got a small project you want to make reality? d-i-ply offer design and fabrication services to get your projects off the ground.

How we do it: 

1. Meet for a breifing. In this session we will discuss what your idea and get those key ideas down on paper. This may also include some basic sketches.

2. Proposal. We will submit to you a written proposal of our planned works including a detailed estimate for materials, fabrication and design fees.

3. Acceptance. When you are happy with the estimate and deliverables of the proposal, you can accept the offer by paying 50% of the quotation value. This money will be used to buy the materials required to complete the project.

4. Proof. We will submit the design to you including a drawing, render and easy to review 3D model (see blog post here showing how it is done)

5. Fabrication. We then fabricate your idea. This may not include final assembly, sanding and painting depending on your budget/quotation agreement.

6. Delivery. Delivery of the job is included for small projects in the auckland municipality.